Increase ROI in a bookmaker

The rule is quite simple: by improving performance, that is, by winning more and more, or by losing less and less, the ROI of a player increases. But a player can’t just increase his ROI with back-to-back wins.

Bodog, for example, often offers its clients bonuses for deposits made. These bonuses enter directly into the ROI calculation because the amounts of the calculations are independent of their origin. That is, even if you have lost some games, you can continue to increase your ROI with the bonuses.

These bonuses are offered without prior advertising, so it is worth paying attention to our page so as not to miss out on this help.

Use ROI in competitions


ROI can be used with friends to increase competition and promote better interaction in meetings. Intense competition among top players is often a great motivator to keep an eye on ROI.

Regardless of the ROI on any given competition, it’s worth stretching out to the broader fields and looking at the ROI of recent competitions, as well as the team a given bettor plays for.

Some players even do worst ROI competitions over a period of time. For example, the player who has had the worst ROI of the year takes home a case of drinks as compensation for everything he has left on the table for his friends during the year.

How important is the ROI of a player?

ROI is an important tool taken from the world of finance and, through simple calculations, gives the player a good picture of his performance. Regardless of how the value is expressed (percentage, multiples, or monetary values), it is possible to convert one amount to another and make comparisons with other players.

ROI comparisons are quite common, especially when it comes to a certain event, such as a poker competition at an online casino where each player’s winnings are published shortly after the prize result.

ROI is useful above all to define the performance of a player, but you must pay close attention to the time scale within which it is being analyzed. Is it an ROI for a specific championship, an annual season, a 5-year season, or an entire career? This question is important because professional players are subject to a phenomenon called variance.

Recently, our blog published an article that talked about this topic, but in a simple way. This is a period in which the player has a different result than expected and repeatedly obtains unfavorable placements. When analyzing an ROI, you have to see if what you are observing is a representative result or just a point on a straight line.

ROI and you: a long-term partnership

ROI and you

Do you already know how to calculate ROI at different levels? Do you prefer to use percentages or absolute numbers? Whichever way we use it, this excellent financial tool helps us to have an overview of the performance when betting.

Do not lose sight of your strategy and do not miss the promotions of our page. In this way, your ROI will surely increase and you will evolve in your career within the game. Good luck!