Gaming Providers and Social Media

There are many reasons why an online casino should maximise the use of social media, ranging from brand visibility and consumer involvement to exhibiting exclusive prizes and promotions. It not only allows gambling sites to reach millions of people in seconds, but it also provides a tremendous opportunity to package a brand in the eyes of the customer through the ability to openly connect with followers.

While launching new casino games, such as online blackjack live dealer games, Hellspin has used social media for pre-release buzz and to show when the games will become available. 

How Do Casinos Make Use of Social Media?

Gaming Providers

Over the last decade, the number of people using social media has increased significantly more than the number of people watching television, prompting businesses to shift a considerable portion of their marketing dollars to the big three social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. (Threads, Meta’s counterpart to Twitter, is expected to join the ranks soon.)

It’s evident that casinos can use social media in a variety of ways. Let us examine it in greater depth. 

Demographics-Based Marketing

Gambling sites can utilise it as a great marketing tool to target specific groups. They can, for example, release content aimed at persons aged 25 to 30 in New York or 50 to 60 in Nevada. It not only allows businesses to stay up with emerging trends among various age groups, but it’s also more cost-effective because they’re wasting less money on non-gamblers.

For example, as attractive as displaying a TV commercial during the Super Bowl halftime show is, millions of people will be watching with no intention of gambling. The beauty of social media is that it allows businesses to engage with like-minded followers.

So, if a casino is launching a new batch of online casino games, social media is the ideal place for informing gamers. They can then respond to inquiries via DM or comments to add more clarity. Overall, the rise of social media has brought businesses and customers closer together than ever before.

Games and Prizes

Gaming Providers

Then there’s the possibility to highlight games and provide exclusive incentives. Social media is an excellent tool to keep followers up to date on the most recent themed casino table games and to highlight prizes that they may find appealing. This increases site traffic and allows an online casino to keep its game offerings fresh and engaging.

Online Engagement 

Another advantage of social media is online participation. It helps businesses to hear directly from their customers via live-streaming games and building groups, as well as fostering online communities and creating polls. As customers feel heard and recognised, this information can become critical in improving the user experience and creating customer loyalty. 

Also, the use of polls and online groups enables gambling companies to identify which games are popular, what issues need to be addressed, and which games should be improved.